About us

Smartah Accounting Consultants was inspirationally established in January 2015 from past personal, business and work experience as a Sole Trader. It has since been incorporated as Limited liability organisation due to success and growth in business activities.  

The willingness to assist, support and the friendliness attitude were the basis, while the heart of diligence and desire for excellence stood as the foundation of Smartah AC.

                                                                 We are dedicated to helping you

Smartah Accounting Consultants comprises of Award Winning, Chartered, Professional, and Experienced Accountants and tax advisers.

Our mission is to diligently promote integrity, confidence and excellent accountancy services that will assist our clients to align their business with statutory regulations.

Our vision and pledge are to smartly ensure appropriate professional attitude and skilful attention are given to our Clients' requirements and are performed to a remarkably high standard. Guaranteeing all clients, the optimal overall experience for all their interactions with us.

We are confident that keeping our Clients abreast with adequate and timely financial and tax information will aid their financial management decision, help to become successful, enjoy the fruit of their business and fulfil their business obligatory responsibilities without spending their business resources on penalties and fines from respective authorities.

Your personal and business prosperity pleasure Smartah AC !